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News and Press Releases:

Save the Salt Update - Jan 2014 (Download)

2014 Pumping -
Intrepid began pumping on the 15th of this month. I met with Russ Draper, Bill White and Stan Perks (BLM) at the Intrepid plant to monitor the start up for STS. Russ estimated they would pump between 350 to 400 thousand tons this season. The rain last year also hampered their production. I do have some bad news; Intrepid has had a reduction in force. Both Russ Draper and Mike Lehman have been let go, they will retain Russ on a part time basis as needed.

Dike repair-
I have talked with Brett Shelton about repairing the dike on the west side of the Salduro. He said he could get to it in about two weeks. It would only be a temporary fix, then in the summer he can do a major back fill on the two openings. , Eric Rogers, (Intrepid plant manager) said that Brett could approach the opening from the inside of the Salduro, this way we would eliminate getting the BLM involved.

Here are some pictures of the start up:

STS Update 2014


The main pump


The brine from the pump to the outlet on the salt flats



This is the manifold that the pump deposits into before flowing under the freeway and railroad tracks to the flats



This is the ditch that holds all of the brine water that well be pumped onto the salt flats, that is foam you see on top of the brine water