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Save The Salt Report
By Larry Volk
Feb 2012

There was some pumping on 2/23/12. Russ and Mike from Intrepid were very helpful showing Larry Volk around, and let him document the process.

This is where the brine flows onto the flats from the manifold.

Water NOT going into the Saldaro Dyke.

This is the new fresh water pump Inrepid installed to pump water into pond 4 North. It will also be used next year to put water into both 4 South and North, for pumping.

This is 4 North. This pond will completely pump dry during the pumping.

Another view of 4 North.

This is the pump that feeds water to the manifold along I-80 and onto the flats.

This is the collection ditch from 4 North to the manifold pump.

Water flowing from the pump into the manifold on I-80.

Manifold along I-80.

The fresh water canal that feeds the pump into 4 North.