Salt Lay Down No Bonneville Salt Flats Threat

Dr. Brenda Bowen, Associate Professor of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Utah was contracted by the BLM  for the "2018 Salt Crust Thickness Study" that is part of the on-going mineral leasing on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Dr. Bowen felt the scope of the BLM study, as well as previous studies, did not go far enough in properly exploring the salt's dynamic processes and secured additional funding from the National Science Foundation to get a clearer, factual picture of what is happening.

The land speed racing community eagerly awaits the results of this highly detailed examination of what has caused the horrific thinning. While the study is still underway, Save the Salt became aware of some public comments made by others that Dr Bowen believed the racer initiated salt laydown program was part of the problem. We asked Dr. Bowen about this these comments and she responded with this letter that the salt laydown was not a threat. Click on the link below to read her comments.

Dr Bowen Salt Laydown Ltr

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