Save The Salt gets help from 500 at Utah New Auto Expo

Utah Salt Flats Racing Association energizes 500 New Car Expo attendees about the ecological dire straits of the Bonneville Salts Flats.

2019 SLC auto expo

Thanks to the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association (USFRA) that staffed a booth at the 2019 New Car Expo in Salt Lake City, more than 500 people were informed, in-depth, about the ecological dire straits of the Bonneville Salts Flats.

The racing organization displayed four racing roadsters and historical story boards that depict salt racing history and its deterioration dating back to 1914. Pictures are posted on USFRA's Facebook page.

In December of 2018, USFRA President and Utah Alliance Chairman Dennis Sullivan appeared on the local program "County Seat." He was part of a panel discussion with Congressman Chris Stewart and Toole County Commissioner Shawn Milne. During that show discussion Congressman Stewart remarked publicly that Bonneville needed to be saved and he would start working in Washington get the money to do so.

This prompted the USFRA to spread the word among Auto Expo attendees to explain what is happening to the salt flats and Save the Salt's restoration plan. This Expo is always well attended. The USFRA booth attracted crowds of people to the display boards, who, once informed -- asked for ways to help. More than 500 cards (printed up by USFRA) were passed out to interested people with with information on how to contact the Congressman with letter of support to restore the flats to safe racing conditions.

These were Utahns who wanted the salt flats restored and were willing to inform Congressman Stewart of their desire to be heard n the matter.

The USFRA has vowed to continue its support of the Save the Salt Coalition
effort every chance it gets. Their next event is in May at the Utah Valley University Car Show and Swap Meet. More cards will be passed out.

This is grassroots advocacy in fine form and splendid action and land speed racers everywhere thank them for their time and attention.

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