Cheers, kudos and thanks to the land speed racing community for responding to the request to send emails to members of the Utah Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee.

Your voices are being heard by Utah lawmakers, and it is making a difference!

The Subcommittee ranked our “Restore Bonneville” budget request number 4 out of 28 budget requests. If it keeps this ranking, the State of Utah’s Restore Bonneville program should be funded within the state budget to be approved in mid-March. The program will dramatically increase the volume of salt being pumped onto Bonneville Salt Flats each year.
We are not finished
Using a Bonneville analogy, we’ve made it through the 2-mile run-up and are entering the measured mile heading for the timing lights after a land speed restoration record.
What it means
The legislative throttle starts getting pushed down Monday, February 25th. 
ALL the budget requests must still be approved by the Executive Appropriations Committee, which could change the rankings. We will be asking you to contact the Executive Appropriation Committee members, most likely during the week and will provide the emails of all those we need you to reach out to with another letter. It can be the same letter that was sent to the Subcommittee members, or you may add something new. For those who have yet to send a letter, we will also provide a draft that you can adapt and personalize.

The most important thing to know for this next “ask” is that when the request comes, we will need you to respond the same day if at all possible. The Utah Legislature works at supersonic speed in comparison to Washington DC and we have to show them we are just as fast as our sport implies . . . 

Stayed tuned for an updated message and instructions

For more information, or questions contact Louise Ann Noeth |

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